“I truly believe that Austin is one of the greatest cities in the country. The music, the architecture, the culture, and of course, the food, is out of this world. Austin feels like the perfect home for my style of cooking and opening a restaurant here has been a big dream of mine for a long time. I’m incredibly proud to be here alongside all the talented and creative chefs in the city and am excited to officially call Austin my second home.” — Chef Tim Love


15 years after the birth of the Lonesome Dove, chef Tim Love opened his second flagship, Lonesome Dove Austin. Located on Colorado Street in downtown Austin, it highlights both new and classic chef Tim Love dishes.

Chef Love has designed a menu influenced by the ingredients, traditions, and cultures that have been part of the West since the first adventure began on the Goodnight-Loving and Chisholm Trails—with an added level of modern sophistication.

Lonesome Dove Austin features both classic and new tastes, with Austin-inspired dishes that showcase Love’s creative use of bold flavors, wild game, and signature wood-fired cooking techniques alongside a diverse wine program. The menu is divided into several sections, beginning with Love’s proprietary Wild Game Fettine. It features a selection of choice cuts spit-roasted over open mesquite fire, such as DUCK, RABBIT-RATTLESNAKE SAUSAGE, PISTACHIOS, and QUINCE; ELK, PORK SPINALIS, HUCKLEBERRIES, and BLACK GARLIC; and LAMB, QUAIL, TEXAS HERBS, and CITRUS-CHILI PASTE.

Lonesome Dove Austin

123 W 6th Street

Austin, Texas 78701